Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well, I am back in Cancun and it's like nothing even changed at all!!!

Hubby had a few surprises waiting for me.... Gorgeous flowers at the airport, and our wedding photos framed on canvas!!! I'll have to take some pics so you can see what I mean.

Last night we went to an old favourite restaurant of ours here in Cancun to watch the U-20 Mexico Mens team play Columbia in the World Cup. Mexico won 3-0.... Venga!!!

I am headed to Puerto Morelos for the day with my sis in law, and suegros!!! I'll be sure to take plenty of pics as most of you know it's one of my favourite places in Mexico!!! I'd so love to live there one day. At least I think I would :)

Okay, well I'll be sure to blog as much as I can but this little chica is bussssy!

Heck, I arrived last night and we went straight to Church to take an hour long class on becoming a Godparent!!! Ummm...I'm pretty sure I'm already one, but apparently this is a new requirement here in Mexico. So I went and got my Catholic ON last night. Class done, and I can now be my adorable little nephews Godmother next week !!!!!!!!

Okay, love to all!!!


Lisa n Javi said...

Welcome back and congrats on being a new godmother!

Jonna said...

Yes, welcome home and congratulations! Can you give us the Cliff Notes on the godparent class? I'm guessing it is mainly about making sure the child is raised as a proper Catholic?

Jackie said...

I'm waiting to see your wedding photos printed on canvas. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back!

KfromMichigan said...

Welcome back .. sure have missed ya'.

ElleCancun said...

Lisa - Thanks so much amiga!! Being a madrina is such an honor :)

Jonna - Thank you and Thank you!! I guess I should have probably wrote a little tid bit about that now shouldn't I have?? However, you are spot on! It was an hour long class in Spanish on the importance of teaching the child about God, and what it means to be baptized. Really put an emphasis on the role of the godparents, and to make sure we were always in the childs life. So many children grow up and don't even know who their godparents are anymore!! Just a photo from 15 years earlier, etc.... It was actually really nice.... Of course it was funny to see couples walking in 45 minutes into the class!! I was pretty impressed that the Sister running the class didn't allow them to stay, and kindly asked that they attend the next session!!

Jackie - Just put them up :)

Laura - me too!!!! Thanks amiga :)

Kay - Right back at ya!!! Gracias chica :)