Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A bit of an update

Hey Everyone!!!

It seems like about once a month I start a blog by admitting I am the worst blogger out there !! This time I do have a bit of an excuse as we recently moved into our new place, AND we have been without internet until this past Sunday. We weren't even notified that we had it, but hubby just noticed that our modem was blinking in all the right places!! LOL!!!

Soooo I recently celebrated my 29+1 birthday while in Calgary for a short visit. I had way too much fun, and way too much tequila. Wow, I haven't partied like that in YEARS. My BFF's threw me a surprise party which was soooo freaking fantastic. I'll share one tidbit of a story - my mom paid for my make up to be done as she knew something was going on and suggested we get false lashes put on. So we had the works, and sometime throughout the evening one of my eyelashes fell off and the other stayed put. Hahaha. I didn't notice until the early hours of the morning so who knows how long I was prancing around thinking I looked so good with one eyelash. Hahaha.
                                    My baby brother and I - notice eyelashes are still intact!

I actually will share another piece of information with everyone as I really have kept it quite a secret. One of the reasons I went home for my birthday was my friend set me up with a job interview back home - too good to turn away. It was almost exactly what I was doing before I moved to Cancun. It was for a Claims Manager Position for a FANTASTIC insurance company in Canada. The salary was really good considering I've been out of the business now for almost 2 years; $73,000 to start with full benefits, pension, discounted insurance rates, RRSP contributions, etc... The list goes on and on. I nailed the interview and they asked me to meet in person which I so willingly obliged. All my references were called, criminal/credit background checks complete. What happened next? I have been made an offer and I don't think I am going to be accepting it. I really truly hope I do not regret this decision, but it's just too soon, and not enough time for me to truly prepare myself for the move. They want me to start June 15th. Ummm...It's June 1st people!!!

I admit I have truly been wanting to move back home. I am not homesick by any means which is funny as that is usually the reason everyone wants to leave. My reason numero uno is that I miss my independence. I truly do not feel like an independent woman here in Cancun. I know a large part of that is my own doing. I lack the self-confidence to just go out there and do things for myself in this foreign country. I blame it on my Spanish speaking ability, but I'm not sure that  is it.... I also miss having my own money. Yes I could get a job here - I've actually been offered fantastic opportunities but it's not enough for me. I didn't move to Cancun to make less than half of what I made in Canada, no benefits or pension, and work the same hours as I did in Canada. If I were going to work again I will do it in Canada.

Okay, well that is it for now as I don't want to bore you all with the details of my life!!! Cancun is scorching hot right now and I am finding it hard to keep cool without using our A/C.  I'll be going back to Calgary next week which was a trip I have had planned since earlier this year. Nothing more than a visit. I'll be sure to take some pics of our new place that I actually love, love, love.

Happy Hump Day peeps!!!


Leah said...

Congrats on the offer, amiga! I'm sure the right opportunity will present itself in time. Glad you had a great birthday celebration - welcome to the 3-0 club! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an amazing job offer!

I think you should definitely consider working here. The job opportunities are seriously lacking in terms of salary, but maybe it would be exciting for you to start your own small business??

Lisa n Javi said...

Sounds like you had a blast for your birthday and wow what a great job offer. Im sure something will come up one day that you will love and that works well for you.

*FRESH Weddings* said...

You are NEVER boring us with the details of your life! I so look forward to reading your blogs.
What a fantastic offer! Wow, that is A LOT of money!
But you followed your heart, and that is the most important thing. Perhaps you should start a holistic nutrition business in Cancun?
I understand how you feel with no financial independence and no job in Mexico. I am going through the EXACT same thing here. You will find your way love, and in the meantime try to continue to enjoy this down time....I mean after all, we live in Mexico and we don't have jobs and we blog about how we miss Canada and working, haha. But really, I totally understand. Definitely. xoxoxo L

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the job offer! And I agree with gringanation. Looks like you had a great birthday even if it wasn't in Italy

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the job offer! And I agree with gringanation. Looks like you had a great birthday even if it wasn't in Italy

KfromMichigan said...

I agree with Laura .. you should consider finding a job in Cancun. It would help with learning the language and give you more self-confidence. My Spanish is NONE .. I understand more, but don't speak it. I should be fluent! Think of the COLD AND SNOW .. do you really want to go back to that??!!:):)

shannon said...

What an amazing opportunity! However at least you know when you return 'home' there will be other opportunites out there for you!
Happy 30th B-day, sounds like it was a blast! (LOL-minus one eyelash, hee hee!)
I am deperately trying to figure out an afforable way to move to another country...without working long hours with a reduced pay! If I only I could take my Canadian job with me !

ElleCancun said...

Leah - Thanks so much amiga!!! After I turned it down they came back with an even better offer... I am in discussions with hubby about accepting it on a trial period. We'll see...Sometimes an offer is too good to turn down.... I'll keep ya posted!!!

Laura - It was a good opportunity, but as I mentioned to Leah they've now proposed an even better one.... May be a good idea for me to accept during the low season on a trial basis. I'll keep ya posted girl!!!

Lisa - I had such a blast on my birthday!!! It's always the best when you have zero expectations!! Right??

Louise - I wasn't sure at first if "fresh weddings" was you!!! The offer was good, and now they've come back with an even better one. They really don't have any other candidates.... I may be in Cgy sooner than I wanted ammiga. We'll have to get together the next time you're there, okay?? Upon graduating from my program in a year and a bit I would most definitely think about opening a nutrition clinic here in Cancun. Trust me, it is needed :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

ElleCancun said...

Ashlie - Thanks amiga!!! Yes, my bday was great but no Italy!! LOL!!

Kay - I agree with you about the cold and snow, it actually depresses me and it's now summer in Calgary!!! Calgary has one of the worst climates EVER. LOOOONG winters, no spring, and a barely there summer/fall. SUCKS!!!! I could get a job here. I've actually been offered amazing opportunities here. I have MANY reasons why I haven't yet, and believe me if I needed to I would. We'll see what the future will bring :)

Shannon - Hahaha, the one eyelash!!! So embarassing. LOL!!!
I think everyone always wishes they could have their job from home, here in paradise. Or at least the pay check!! LOL!!! You'll figure out a way, and it will be worth it. Cancun is just so expensive compared to other places. It can be cheap but only if you're willing to live without certain things. I guess I am not one of those people and I'm not going to feel bad about it. I've worked hard, gone to school, made my own money and I loved it. The cold weather of Calgary just depresses me like no other!!! LOL!!!