Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Bday!

So a few weeks ago I celebrated my eeek..."insert # here" birthday!! It was not a milestone so wasn't a huge ass party or anything.

I've celebrated many birthdays here in Cancun, heck, Mexico. However, this one was just a tiny bit different. I was SICK!!! I woke up on the morning of my bday in a great mood. Hubby went to Starbucks for me (that never happens!!), and I was ready for a great day....then it crept up on me. I was getting sick. Hubby called my Dr. who was busy, and ended up finding another that could get me in. Went to the Docs' and was sent for some tests, and we were on our way home.

Anyways, I told hubby I really didn't want to go anywhere as I wasn't feeling great, but he insisted that we had to be somewhere at 6 that evening. Fiiiiiiine, I said. Anyways, to my pleasant surprise he made us a dinner reservation to a restaurant I've been dying to try "Limoncellos'. It's an Italian restaurant on the lagoon, and is actually owned by the same people who own "Lorenzillo's", which argueably happens to be the best seafood restaurant in Cancun. He had a table reserved on the water, and the most beautiful bouquet waiting for me!!

We ordered calamari to start....omg, mouth watering in a pomodoro sauce...mmm... and shared the "Catch of the Day". Grouper. It was okay, but the pasta and risotto it came with - to die for!!! I loooove Italian food, and really can't wait to go back. Hope hubbs reads this. LOL.

What a night...great food, great company, and excellent wine!! LOL!!!

Thanks for a great night hubbs!!!


Refried Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling too well, but glad that it turned into a great night! (YUM!!!)

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Flowers at the table waiting - wow!

Leah Flinn said...

Happy Belated birthday! Glad that your hubby made it special :-)

Anonymous said...

If you can, you can.......................................................

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OMG how is he not CRAZY thoughtful and romantic!! *fainting* How sweeeett :)

Ashlie said...

Happy Belated Birthday--what a nice husband! I have wanted to check out Limoncellos for awhile now...thanks for the restaurant review.

On Mexican Time said...

Refried - Thanks amiga!!! Next year is the big I just hope I wont be sick for that party!!!

AmericanMommy - Welcome back amiga!!! Yes, it really is the thought process that goes into it... :)

Leah - Gracias amiga!!! He is sweet like that :)

Gringa - Its shocking cuz HE'S the romantic, not ME! LOL!!!

Ashlie - Thank you chica!!!! He is very thoughtful.... I could learn from him!!! You HAVE to was delicious!!!