Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update: Attack of the scorpions!

I thought I should do an update as these suckers just won't go away. Put an F where the S is and that's really how I feel!!!
Minutes after writing my blog post the other day we found another, and another, and another scorpion. Making the total more than 7 in less than a week. We did have the fumigators come that day and spray the inside and outside of our home along with the 2 neighbours on either side. He warned us that once he sprayed the perameter around the houses the little suckers may make it inside within 2-3 days.

Poor us - we ended up taking a vacay down to the Secrets Maroma Beach Hotel for a few days. What a treat that was. I dont' know if I'd ever stay anywhere else ever again. I'll have to post some pics soon as the beach is rated as one of the top 3 in the world!!! By whom, I don't know. LOL. Who am I to disagree?!

The weather hasnt' been great. Needless to say, due to the poor weather conditions (putting things mildly) our fumigator wasn't able to fumigate the exterior properly. He also warned us that the weather could also cause the scorpions to seek refuge in our homes!!! F*&( me!!!!!

WELL....this morning my step-mom was going to use the washroom on our lower level and found a scorpion under the garbage can!!!!! They are already in our house, and this one was alive and breathing. I've been told the "blondies" are the worst kind here in Mexico, and guess what it was? A blondie. I'll have to look into this more. We are seriously looking at getting out of our place, but since we signed a year may not be possible, but I CAN"T LIVE with scorpions. Call me a princess, call me whatever you like - I can't do it, and I don't want to. I especially don't want to be scared to leave my dogs at home alone, or get up to use the washroom at night (bathroom for my American readers!!!). It`s not like we live in a jungle, we have a great backyard, and we have a gardener who takes care of things like fumigating the complex. What am I going to do? I am seriously stressing out over here.
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


Leslie Limon said...

I hate scorpions too! Apparently they love warm weather. As soon as the weather warmed up here, I found 2 medium-sized scorpions. They were quickly introduced to the bottom of my shoe! :)

I really don't know what to tell you, amiga. My in-laws say to wipe everything down with bleach or "Pinol", because all bugs hate that stuff, so they stay away.

My only advice is to put on a pair of sandals when you visit the washroom at night. You wouldn't want to step one of those suckers.

AND if you still can't seem to get rid of them, buy a box of Avepena. It's an allergy medicine that everyone here has on hand, just in case they get stung by a scorpion, bee or black widow spider.

Bob Mrotek said...

First thing, don't panic. There are solutions. Second thing, to control "critters" attack the food chain. Leslie hit the nail right on the head. When you wash the floors always put bleach in the water with your other cleaner or soap (about a cup to the bucket). This does not bother the scorpions, BUT, it does kill the tiny little mites and other "thingies" that bigger bugs such as roaches and spiders feed on and leaves slim pickings for them and thus for the scorpions as well. Get some borax powder and sprinkle it in areas where you have seen bugs. It is harmless to humans but death on other things, especially roaches and ants. Next, scorpions are very visible in black light (ultraviolet light). You can buy a very good scorpion hunter light from for $17.50 (USD). It is called the "395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA, 7202UV395". Finally, you should get some cats. I lived in the Arizona desert for six years and it seemed like there was a scorpion under every rock. Someone told me to get a cat. I got a cat and slowly the scorpions disappeared. I have heard the same from other people. You see! Cats are good for something after all! Sorry doggies :)

Leah Flinn said...

Wish I could offer a suggestion, but fortunately there is not a scorpion problem in Veracruz - at least I have never seen one. Definitely keep shoes on - do they climb furniture?

Maybe look for a new place regardless of the lease.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

HOLY SHIT!! And here I am complaining about mouse sized cockroaches - but at least they don't KILL - OMG!!!

Amanda said...

Good luck with this, sounds like Bob and Leslie have some good advise. They are things that I have been doing also and I haven't seen any in this apartment as compared to the last.

Ashlie said...

I see what you mean by scorpions...eeek.We only ever have to deal with a lot of ants. I look forward to seeing your Maroma photos

KfromMichigan said...

Good luck! I'd be moving out too!

On Mexican Time said...

Leslie - omg, so you get them too? Yes, the warm weather is coming and so are ALL the bugs. YUCK.
We are going to be getting some type of anitvenom to have in the house, and floors are already wiped down 3 times a week with Clorox and Fabuloso.... Ohhhh how I hope we can get this under control!! Thanks amiga :)

Bob - Never heard of the borax powder solution...I'll have to look into this right away. Is it harmful to dogs or small children?? If not, I am SO on it. THANK YOU! Oh, and I am bugging hubby about getting a cat. Let's see how that goes.... Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the fumigator found a pregnant scorpion and apparently they can have up to
36 at a time!!!!! Can you believe it!

Leah - Yes, they climb everything!!! They don't like grass, and they don't like open areas. They mostly like dark cooler places. At least that is where we have been finding most of them.

Gringa - TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!! I used to complain about cockroaches.... not anymore my friend!!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

Amanda - thanks, and I'm glad some of the solutions are working for you!!! We are in a having doors on the ground level is NOT good when it comes to these bad boys....

Ashlie - most ppl in Centro don't have to deal with these suckers... lucky us!!!! I'll have to post some pics soon before I forget, lol. Too bad it rained the whole time!

KfromMichigan - Thanks amiga, we need a little luck !!! Jajaja - Hubby has me convinced at present moment we still don't need to move, but I don't know.....

Bob Mrotek said...

You can buy borax (Spanish bórax) in a good farmacia (pharmacy) or ferretería (hardware store) or in a place where they sell seeds and fertilizers. Some people use borax to wash clothes. It is not harmful to children or pets but it is death on creepy crawlies. you sprinkle it along the walls and on window sills in areas where you think there may be little critters congregating. Diatomaceous Earth is another thing that is good against scorpions. You can buy it in gardening supply centers and swimming pool supply centers. It is used in swimming pool filters. You sprinkle it outside wherever you think scorpions might be hiding. It is harmful to scorpions but not to people. It dries them out.