Monday, April 20, 2009

To speak, or not to speak.... Spanish that is...

I can't tell you how many times I have been asked the question "Do you speak Spanish", and every time I say the exact same thing " yes, and no" LOL.

What I mean by that is yes, to some people I would say I speak Spanish, but to others I would have to say no. My hubby and mi maestra tell me I don't give myself enough credit, but really? When I can understand and translate ALL the words in a song - that is when you will hear me admit "Yes, I speak Spanish". Said with conviction. The only problem, is I sometimes can barely understand the words in English!!! LOL!!!

Anyways, this topic came about as we had the pleasure of my Maestra visiting from Los Mochis, Sinaloa - she moved there about 6 months ago and is teaching. She actually hasn't' been my maestra for almost 2 years now, and I am just so embarrassed at the level of my Spanish after losing her :(

Sooooo I spoke with hubby and maestra over the weekend and have decided I am finally going to be taking some classes!!!

So far I have found 2 schools of interest here that offer "group" lessons. Amerispan, and Berlitz.

Apparently they offer group classes of no more than 6 students. However, I have a hard time believing they actually fill these "group" classes every week? At this point I am assuming I will need/want about 6 weeks of classes, 5 days per week. I certainly hope I won't need more than that.

As I continue looking into these classes - I will let you know how my search goes. I am hoping to register before summer! Here's hoping!!!!

If any of you have had the chance to attend one of these, or can recommend another school I haven't looked at - I'd LOVE to hear about it!!!

Wish me luck amigos as this is one of my '09 resolutions!!


Amanda said...

I also feel I need classes but at the time with the girls so little I don't think it will happen. Issac and some of his family also tell me I don't give myself enough credit but Iv been here almost a year and still my Spanish is pretty choppy. I know how your feeling. Good luck finding the right class. Let us know how it goes.

On Mexican Time said...

Isnt' it funny that we are the ones who aren't giving ourselves the credit???!!! You would really think it'd be the other way around!!!

I'm sure you are better than you think, and I'm sure I am better than I think!! LOL!! We are our own worst critics!!

Practico, practico, practico - that's all I keep telling myself!!!

I'll definitely keep you informed of the classes I choose!

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Oh,I feel you on this one. 7 months in la Manzanilla with a huge background in "a Spanish class here, 2 weeks in a school there, another class somewhere else." I've been studing with a tutor for the last 3 months, just once a week one hour a week but I do feel I've really come along way this 7 months. I can now talk on the phone in Spanish! Because I look mexican I've had a couple people complement me on my English when I go back and forth between English and Spanish during a conversation. I've decided as long as I'm serious about learning then all in good time!

On Mexican Time said...

VisitlaManzanilla - I couldn't agree with you more!!! The more you want something - the more you'll get it!! I want to learn spanish SO bad!! We can't give up, but sometimes I feel exhausted, and just want to speak english!! LOL - I think that will always happen! Good luck with your studies amiga!!! I'll keep you posted on my progress.... LOL!

Leslie Limon said...

I think you probably speak better spanish than you give yourself credit for. But I think you've just given me a great idea. Instead of teaching ESL, I should start a SSL (spanish as a second language) class! LOL!!! All joking aside, just remember....SI SE PUEDE!!! Good luck and keep practicing.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I always find that my Spanish and my salsa dancing are pretty much the same. Yeah, I am okay, but after 2 margaritas I get a lot better and then after 4 margaritas both start to get a little sloppy. hehehe

On Mexican Time said...

Leslie - thanks for the vote of confidence, I think you may be right!! Also, I think you should teach that SSL class if you can!! I know many ppl who are always looking for a teacher!!!

Rosas Clan - That's hilarious, we must be of the same blood as my experience is the same!! Now tequila on the other hand, I think I'm fearless!! LOL!!!

Vamos a practicar!!!